Domain (Website) Name

Website name represent your business or a company!

It is very important to keep the name of a website that has common name of your company or your business so that if someone even does not know your website but they know your company can easily search the name on the internet. In terms of SEO website name has big role therefore be very careful to choose a proper name for your website or you can consult with our experts for naming.

VERY IMPORTANT! We have seen many website owners they don’t have sufficient idea about keeping their name on the ownership during the domain registration. Many domain name and hosting companies they use their name to register your domain but you don’t know that might be harmful for you.

You want to know HOW HARMFUL IS THAT?

If your local domain name registrar went outside the country without informing you or the company is out of contact, in that case you can contact the main domain registrar (you need to contact a company like us for help) to renew and transfer your domain but if the domain ownership is not you then you might get big problem they will not transfer your domain to the new local service provider (a company like us). BUT if the domain name is belongs to you then you have the full authority to move or transfer your domain anywhere at any time.    

Web Hosting

No more no less We give you only the BEST!

Do you know why sometime website does not appear? One big reason could be because of the web server where you have hosted your website. Therefore you must choose a good hosting provider which is very important to your website and at least you need 99.9% network (web server) uptime guarantee from them.

If the web server is down, your website is also down that means you will lose your clients and your website gets negative impression.

Based on your business requirements you can choose various hosting packages for your website, we don’t want you to pay unnecessary amount if the package is more than you need so please visit us to consult about your hosting requirements and another very important concern is you can upgrade or downgrade your package anytime with or without paying extra amount for certain period of time.

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